Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best birthday ever!

I know it's late but I am too pumped up from my awesome birthday to sleep! We just got home. Here's how it went down - first Greg went shopping for my prezzies during the day and brought me home the last Pretty Little Liars book in the series "Wanted," and some super glam jewelry! I can't wait to read "Wanted" and find out who the real killer is! I am so hooked on those books I don't know what I will read when there are no more of them left. My parents, aunts, and cousins, had dinner with us at my favorite restaurant, L'thai, where I had my favorite meal: Thai tea, and Pad Thai. We came back to our house and had some pink, gluten-free birthday cake that my mom made for me (so yummy!) and opened presents. Then Greg and I took my cousin Jessica out dancing with Greg's brother Andrew and Daniel. We wanted to go to a "real" club and dance dance dance, so we went to Tongue and Groove. We thought it would be totally cheesy, and it kind of was, but the DJ was awesome and we had a blast!!

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